Wednesday, 15 June 2016


I have a photograph. It was taken by Caleb’s computer. A photo of most of my friends - Thomas, Jim, Caleb, Fionn, Tori, Henry, Charlie and me. I’m not very visible but I’m in the photo. There we all are,  just posing for a photo. We had all gathered to take this photo and we’re spaced out but managed to fit in the camera. In front of us is the camera on Caleb’s computer. I’m mostly covered by my friends and not very visible. To my left is Henry and to my right is Charlie.

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

NYLD Backwards Poem

Flashing to dim
Spacious and dark
Dark and spacious
Dim to flashing


Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Sentence Types

Opener sentences
If I had to wake up to run, it must be a bit later.
Because we were going to see the glow worms, we had to keep our torches off.
While we were caving, we saw many glow worms.
After a very very long walk, we swam in the river.

Serial sentences
Kalani was repeatedly talking, talking and talking until the adults had to come in and yell  at us to go to sleep.
In the free time people were bouncing, flipping and waiting until the bell rang for dinner.
At VertX climbing some people were slipping, climbing and coming down.
Interrupter sentences
While I was in the river, with a strong flow, the rocks slid all over the place.
When we were walking 10 kilometres, my legs were getting sore, we had many breaks.
When I was in the cave, it was very compact, we saw wetas.

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Cricket Diamante Poem

Fun, sporty
running, bowling, batting
Wickets, small bars laying on top
Whacking, scoring, sliding
Intense, hardcore


Sense Poem

I see the Pokemon while listening to the game music,
I can feel the keys on the keypad,
I taste sourness as I fail to catch it,
I can also smell the dinner being made.