Wednesday, 6 August 2014

The Holidays

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I had a great 2 week holiday. My family did a lot of fun things like skiing at Mt Ruapehu, celebrating my brother for passing his restricted license at Asian Noodle House, we made pizza and made turnip cake.

When we were at Mt Ruapehu, I slipped on the snow and landed on my back. It was extremely difficult to get up because I had skis on. After I finally got up, we returned the skis so I just had the boots on and me, Linda and Kevin went to climb the huge mountain and ride the ski lift. ( I don’t know what it’s actually called. )

When all of the family knew about my brother Kevin passing his restricted, we went to go celebrate with Asian Noodle House. He ordered a large plate of rice noodles. (Chow fun in Chinese.) He added in a lot of spicy chilli about 2-10 spoonfuls. I ordered a medium plate of fried rice. ( Chow farn in Chinese. ) I added in a lot of chilli sauce, it was all around my rice. My sister ordered a bowl of tom yum soup with soft crab sticks and chewy squid with some crunchy prawn.

When we went to the Onekawa Pools, I jumped in and made a huge splash in the freezing cold pool. At that moment my goggles were filled with water so I took them off and I cleared it out. When we got to the slide, my brother had an idea. He said “Lets go as a train.” and I was saying umm for about 5 or 6 seconds. After that I said “ Ok let’s go as a train.” So we did. In the middle of it, the water sounded like a tidal wave because it was going really fast and I got water up my nose. When I told my brother I got water up my nose, he told me to go in the spa pool so the water will evaporate. When I went in, my feet were burning up like I put my hands in my mum’s dishwashing water but 3 times the temperature. I stayed in the spa pool for about 1 or 2 hours. When I got used to the hot water, I actually put my head in and it didn’t feel that bad so I put my whole body into the pool and I swam around in it.

For dinner we made our own pizza because my mum had a pack of pizza base that she brought home from New World. We had to spread the tomato paste on. After we put on the tomato paste, it was time to put on the topping. I put cheese, salami and pineapple on.

The next morning after we had pizza, my mum wanted to make turnip cake because she had the ingredients for it. When it was done, my mum didn’t want to show it to us because she wanted it to be a surprise. The next morning she showed us and it looked like giant strips of turnip cake. When we tasted the turnip cake, it was really salty but when you add chilli sauce to it, you don’t taste the salt anymore but it’s really spicy that you would nearly black out. The turnip cake is sort of soft and I had the turnip cake we made for breakfast. She was going to make it again without too much salt.

The best bit about the holidays was when I made pizza.

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  1. I like the way you told me that the turnip cake was so salty so you put hot chilli sauce on and you could black out.
    I like the way you said the favourite part of your holidays was making pizza.
    Next time you should tell us when your sister ordered something what it meant in Chinese like when you told us the thing you ordered was (chow farn in Chinese.
    How long did you stay at onekawa pools if you spent 1 or 2 hours in the spa.